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Next-level SxMD efficiency and integrity with Matrix 2.4.1

At Matrix Requirements, we understand that the key to groundbreaking innovation and unparalleled efficiency lies in constantly refining our solutions to meet the intricate demands of our clients. With this vision in mind, we are thrilled to unveil the latest features and enhancements in our 2.4.1 release. This update marks a leap forward in our quest to transform how medical device software is developed, reviewed, and managed. From elevating your data management capabilities to ensuring the utmost integrity in your review processes, here's how we're setting a new standard for excellence in the Software as/in a Medical Device (SxMD) realm. To see a complete list or download the verification and validation report, be sure to check out our release notes. And, in case you missed it, check out what we launched in 2.4.0.

Elevate your data management with streamlined exports

In our ongoing commitment to meeting our customers' evolving needs, we've introduced a new category field for hyperlinks. Now, you can effortlessly export actionable hyperlinks to Excel, streamlining your review, reporting, and workflow processes. This means not only improved efficiency but also a smoother, more integrated approach to handling your data.

Boost your review process with enhanced integrity

Understanding the critical nature of the review process in software development, especially in the SxMD realm, we've implemented an optional automatic lock for items under review. This means that once your work is under review, its integrity is preserved—no unauthorized changes can compromise its quality. This layer of protection is vital for maintaining the highest standards of software development and regulatory compliance.

Resolve conflicts with unprecedented ease

Dealing with conflict resolutions before a merge is often a daunting task, marked by significant time investment and meticulous attention to detail. Our latest release introduces a seamless solution: the ability to save your conflict resolution progress and resume at your convenience. This feature not only saves time but also facilitates smoother collaboration, as team members can effortlessly pick up where others left off. In the Software as/in a Medical Device (SxMD) world, where every second counts, this feature ensures that your project momentum remains unbroken, pushing your development process forward with increased efficiency and synergy.

Enhance organizational clarity with Compose

Last year, we introduced Compose, a module designed to let you reuse items or components across projects, significantly saving time and reducing the margin for error. Taking this innovation further, we've now enhanced Compose with the ability to preserve the parent folder structure of included and copied items. This update provides teams with superior visibility and organization, making it easier to navigate and manage project components.

What’s new in the Matrix Marketplace

The Matrix Marketplace - your hub for effortless customization is growing! If you haven’t already seen it, check it out the next time you log into your Matrix instance! The marketplace lets you explore and install add-ons that expand functionality, productivity, and visibility in your day-to-day work. Since launching we’ve added more project templates to help you create projects based on your desired development model.

Hardware and Software Project Structure

A sample project structure for a combined product using both hardware and software.

Simple V-Model

A sample project with a simple V-model for Medical Device development with two layers of design input and output.

Complex QMS

A publishable QMS structure with macro process layers and a global training layer.

Software V-Model

A sample project with a V-model for software development with SOUP categories.

Ready to dive deeper?

Take 2.4.1 for a spin in this live demo instance to see these features in action and discover how they can improve your day-to-day operations. If you want to get a deeper understanding, schedule a demo and take the first step toward a more efficient, user-friendly, and secure solution.

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