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Case Study: Matrix Requirements and Neocis

"As Neocis advanced further into the growth phase, we were quickly faced with the challenge of managing our requirements, risk and testing in an electronic database.

Having evaluated a number of options, Matrix Requirements was the tool of choice at Neocis. The criteria for consideration was the effort in migration from the Excel based system, the cost of the platform, features of the platform and learning curve required.

Matrix Requirements stood out as a solid choice and the initial demos and conversation with the team at Matrix convinced us that we would get the support that we would need. Any such migration is always a daunting task. However, in this case, the team at Matrix has been fantastic. They have been responsive and very approachable throughout the process. And have continued to provide us with high quality support.

The Matrix Requirements platform itself has proven to be very flexible, making it possible to adapt well within the processes at Neocis.

The platform has provided us with useful mechanisms to improve our efficiency, allowing us to focus on product development to a much higher level than previously possible.

The generation of custom reports to keep track of project execution as well as generation of documents required for regulatory submissions are now quick and easy, with little to no manual effort required. We have also been impressed with the platform as we see it constantly get better with meaningful updates at a regular cadence.

The team at Matrix has done a really good job of capturing feedback and improving the product.

The key features that we utilize on a regular basis include:

  • Electronic tracing of design items

  • Easy access to data with just a quick keyword search on the tool.

  • Quick filtering of items by the use of specific labels.

  • Available dashboards for a quick overview of projects and tests status.

  • On demand Report generation.

  • FMEA generation to ISO 14971 standards.

  • Fast FMEA and Traceability Matrix Document Download.

The choice of Matrix as our electronic requirements and test management system has been one that we are extremely pleased with.

This has now become an integral part of how we design and release products in an FDA compliant environment."

Download copy of this case study: NEOCIS case study PostMortem - Matrix Requirements.pdf 

Text originally written by Valeria Martinuzzi, R&D project Engineer at Neocis Inc.

About the Author
Arnaud Alberts
Head of Customer Success & Product