NEU!! Entwickelt SxMDs mit einem strukturierten eQMS, einschließlich auditfähriger SxMD-Vorlagen, die an EU- und US-Standards angepasst sind. Mehr Erfahren!

How Pytheas Navigation knew preparedness was key.

Pytheas Navigation developing a new solution for Spinal Surgeries.

ChallengeThe team was well experienced in dealing with Technical documentation. When they launched Pytheas Navigation, they wanted to ensure there was no delay in getitng their documentation in order, so they would be ready to go to market.
SolutionImplement Matrix Requirements to increase traceability, reduce time spent on design changes and ensure a smooth technical file delivery for both US and EU markets.

"We needed to clear all the regulatory milestones...That's why we wanted to find a software that could manage from the top requirements to the detailed specifications."

Thomas Clement, Deputy General Manager, Pytheas Navigation.