Who are you?

You are a medical device project manager who wants to develop in a modern and agile way while maintaining a design history file in a consistent manner.
You are a RA/QA engineer who wants to keep up with the development team while ensuring the documentation follows your proedures.
You are in a startup and you just discovered that generating the documentation needed for the CE marking or FDA 510(k) will be more complicated than you thought, and you could use some help to streamline that effort.
Or perhaps you are a RA/QA consultant and you work with customers who need to improve their their documentation processes...

How can we help you?

Being project managers in medical devices companies for many years we experienced first hand how industry changed from the Waterfall to a V-model and now Agile product development. As the product development methods evolved we were struggling more and more to keep up-to-date documentation to match our Agile Team. Since we could not find a tool on the market that was easy and powerful enough, we decided to create our own. Later came the idea that it could be invaluable to other companies as well. Matrix Requirements was born.

Our goal is to help people create better medical devices with less working hours consumed by documentation. We accomplish this with our proprietary software tools, training about relevant standards and by building a long-lasting relationship with our customers so that they can achieve their goals. We compete on usability and customer service. We are ready to work with you on your next challenge.

Who are we?


Matrix Requirements GmbH

Blumenstrasse 9a
77704 Oberkirch, Germany

Belgian Branch

Make It Real sprl

15 avenue des Princes Brabançons
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium

US Branch

Product Realization Group

433 Concord Drive,
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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