Introducing exciting enhancements in our upcoming release!

We’re thrilled to unveil a sneak peek into our upcoming release, packed with enhancements designed to elevate your experience. As we gear up for the official launch, we invite you to dive into the beta version and witness firsthand the transformative power of Matrix 2.4. From a new Marketplace offering seamless customizations to a dynamic Software Development Kit empowering you to innovate faster, and a sleek new UI for enhanced usability, our latest release is set to redefine how you approach SxMD development. Below are some of the top enhancements.

Embrace greater flexibility

Adaptability is key to success. These features empower you to mold your projects according to your unique requirements. 

Matrix Marketplace

Tailor your Matrix solution effortlessly with our growing Marketplace where you can discover and learn about available add-ons. Enjoy faster implementation and smoother audits by accessing a variety of vetted and tested plug-ins, UI dashboards, project templates, and modules. 

SDK (software development kit)

Unlock innovation and efficiency with our SDK designed to enhance functionality easier and faster by building unique dashboards, plugins, and workflows using pre-built libraries, tools, and components. 

Customize automated email text

Now you can personalize text in automated emails generated when a gate has passed so you can give your team meaningful messages at the right time.

LiveQMS shortcut keys

Perform tasks faster by navigating LiveQMS with shortcut keys for a smoother user experience, including closing dialog boxes, showing item history, locating items, finding items, searching items, and more without diverting your attention to the mouse cursor for better concentration on the job at hand.

Rename Projects

Now, you can adapt to a project’s changing needs with greater flexibility with the ability to rename already created projects. This feature was the number one request by our users. 

Simplify your workflow

At the heart of our commitment to enhancing your experience is a focus on simplicity and ease of use. These are some of the enhancements that will not only streamline your workflow but also make every interaction more intuitive. 

New UI (user interface)

Experience a sleek, intuitive design that enhances usability and transforms your day-to-day operations. Improve efficiencies with an easy-to-navigate interface, increasing productivity with a clean, intuitive view. We understand that change can be daunting, especially when it comes to the user interface you rely on daily. This release is designed with your familiarity in mind to ensure a seamless transition. We’re committed to preserving the functionalities you know and love and improving the others in stages to minimize the learning curve. 

Print high-resolution DrawIO diagrams

Easily add and resize images from DrawIO to PDFs that maintain quality for crisp images no matter the size.

Create templates with maintained rules

Elevate template management by automatically copying existing rules upon creation, instead of manually checking the box each time, ensuring templates are being used as they were intended for better alignment.

Boosting your productivity

These enhancements are geared towards enhancing your productivity to save time and elevate your work's overall efficiency. 

Control notification setups for users

Boost productivity by having Admin users set up the right notifications for users, ensuring smooth workflows with appropriate alerts.

Prevent deletion of mandatory categories

Eliminate unintentional changes to mandatory categories by restricting non-Admin users from deleting critical elements.

Faster risk analysis PDFs

Experience significant performance improvements for generating Risk Analysis PDFs faster than ever before. 

Streamlined TABLE translation

Efficiently translate text from one column to another or even between tables with DeepL integration to better organize your translation results how you need.

Display Read-Only users

Track and manage users effortlessly with added visibility into the number of read-only users in your account.

Proxy signature functionality

Sign documents on behalf of others by specifying a list of users with the authority to sign and set up lists of users who have the right to change who can sign to prevent roadblocks due to team members being out of office or extended leave. 

Restore lost text

Restore entered text in a field even after a page reload and say goodbye to having to recreate and re-enter text you’ve already created. This was a popularly requested feature!

Check out the beta demo now to experience many of these groundbreaking enhancements firsthand!

About the Author
Heather Laducer
Product Marketing Manager