Contact: Mathieu CHARLEUX
Phone number:+33 6 03 17 92 45

MD101 is a boutique consulting firm specialized in innovative healthcare solutions (medical devices, digital health) and assists manufacturers in terms of funding, quality/regulatory compliance, clinical and market access strategies, as well as business development and marketing strategies.
With over 100 senior experts in Europe and 50 partners worldwide, MD101 offers customized support and training solutions to medical device manufacturers.

The partnership between Matrix Requirements and MD101 presents an invaluable opportunity for medical device manufacturers to streamline their processes and elevate their standards. By combining Matrix Requirements' robust software solutions with MD101's expertise in regulatory compliance and quality management, manufacturers gain a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the complex landscape of medical device development. This partnership brings efficiency, accuracy, and agility to the forefront, enabling manufacturers to ensure compliance with stringent regulations while accelerating time-to-market.

With Matrix Requirements' cutting-edge technology and MD101's industry-leading insights, medical device manufacturers can now confidently innovate, deliver safe products, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.