Top benefits of Compose

Explore the pinnacle of project efficiency and synergy with our Compose add-on. This module accelerates development and enhances team collaboration. Discover how it streamlines the integration and management of project elements, enabling your team to scale operations rapidly while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and consistency. From simplifying complex processes to fostering a more unified project environment. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your projects with ease and confidence.

Save time & scale faster
Reuse items from existing projects in new projects with a few clicks.
Keep items error-free and identical
Change items in the source project and push those updates across your Included projects.
Quickly copy modifiable items
Copy items into new projects and adapt them without starting from scratch.
Improve collaboration with linked icons
Easily see which project(s) you’ve Copied or Included from to ensure team alignment.

Key features

Step into unmatched project flexibility and efficiency with the Compose module. It enhances collaboration, ensures consistency, and upholds the integrity of your project's ecosystem. This enables your team to focus on delivering exceptional results with precision and ease.

IncludeKeep items identical across multiple projects.
CopyCopy items you want to modify into a new or existing project.
TraceabilityMaintain traces on shared items without relinking.

Popular use cases

The Compose add-on seamlessly adapts to meet your project’s needs, fostering a more efficient, cohesive, and streamlined workflow. The versatility and strategic advantage of Compose makes every step from conception to completion, smoother and more intuitive. Discover how the Compose add-on transforms challenges into opportunities across various project scenarios.

  • Keep items identical across projects.

  • Create a modifiable copy of items from a project for use in target projects.

  • Lock traces across projects to keep them identical.

  • Add items that maintain their links between REQ, SPEC, TESTS, and RISKS.

  • Create a master project for items that are identical or share commonalities to be copied and/or included in target projects.

Technical capabilities

Include capabilities

  • Same unique IDs across all projects.

  • Maintain traceability.

  • Push updates from source projects to shared projects.

  • Prevent unintended changes with a lock label.

  • Locked by default to prevent drag & drop or deletion.

  • Items link back to their source and are visually represented by a unique icon. Source items link to the other projects.

  • Ability to switch items that have been added.

  • Searchable using MRQL to identify the Include items in both the source and target project.

Copy capabilities

  • New unique ID.

  • Maintain traceability.

  • Items are not locked.

  • Items are modifiable.

  • Can only include categories and fields that exist in both the source and the new or target project.

Available for the following packages:

  • Essential

  • Team

  • Company

  • Enterprise

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