Branching & Merging

Top benefits of Branching & Merging

Elevate your project efficiency and streamline product development with our Branching and Merging addon. This powerful module is designed to significantly enhance your documentation workflow, making it easier and faster to manage product variations and updates. With it, you can simultaneously develop multiple versions, ensuring rapid market entry for all your product lines. Simplify the maintenance of past and current versions by seamlessly integrating bug fixes and updates when needed. Our solution offers unparalleled control over change management, providing a clear and auditable trail for every modification. Additionally, it paves the way for innovation, allowing your team to prototype and refine new features in isolated branches before they're ready for mainstream integration. Adopting our Branching and Merging addon means embracing efficiency, compliance, and speed in your product development cycle.

Save time on documentation
Get market-specific or multi-variant products to market faster by working in parallel on multiple versions in branches of the documentation.
Maintain multiple versions easier
Quickly and compliantly fix bugs in a branch from a past release and merge the fixes back when needed.
Manage changes efficiently
Isolate, track, and audit changes of feature development in a controlled manner with branches that can be merged into the release documentation.
Get a head start on prototyping features
Document requirements, specifications, and tests for new features in a branch until they are ready for integration.

Key features

Transform your development cycle, providing flexibility, control, and efficiency at every step. The Branching & Merging module was designed to enhance your project management and documentation workflows to make managing product versions and updates a breeze.

BranchCreate copies of the mainline. Create copies of a branch.
MergeCreate or modify items in a branch and merge them into the mainline.
PushCreate or modify items in the mainline and push them into the branch.

Popular use cases

From enhancing product security to meeting intricate regulatory demands, the Branching & Merging module empowers teams to navigate through the complexities of modern software development with unmatched ease and confidence. Discover the transformative impact through these popular use cases.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Security updates.

  • Maintain multiple versions to meet specific regulatory or compliance standards across regions.

  • Work on a new feature for a project that you aren’t sure will make it into the next release.

  • Let teams work on the next version while testing is going on in the main branch.

  • Test new features before rolling them out.

  • Maintain multiple versions to support client needs or system compatibility.

Technical capabilities

  • Maintains the same IDs between the Branch and the Mainline.

  • Review every individual change and ignore, replace, add, restore, or delete them.

  • Maintain traceability and changes to traceability.

  • Configure settings to prevent and protect categories from changes.

  • Create labels to review changes.

  • Push updates/changes from Mainline to Branches.

  • Merge updates/changes from Branches to Mainline.

  • Configure a lock label to prevent unintended changes.

  • Be alerted to potential conflicts before merging.

Available for the following packages:

  • Essential

  • Team

  • Company

  • Enterprise Included

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