What are the risks in doing Risk Management of your Medical Device in Excel ?

Most of Medical Devices companies start to use Excel sheet(s) just to manage the Risk analysis of their product. Compared to this static approach, this webinar describes a dynamic methodology managing risk analysis and risk controls to keep up with fast moving product development teams. Learn some practical aspects on how to integrate risk management into your overall product development workflow using a cloud-based application like MatrixALM.

This webinar was realized in collaboration with Sunstone Pilot and brings together process and software experts to explain a more flexible and rigorous approach on Risk management than standalone spreadsheet methods. We explain how to get from an isolated spreadsheet with no traceability to a process complying with the ISO 14971 standards where the whole team can collaborate to easily update and control the risks during the complete design phase.

About the Author
Arnaud Alberts
Head of Customer Success & Product