Proud of our support

With a new year starting, we want to take the opportunity to look back at yet another amazing year and express our gratitude to our customers. 

For all of us, 2021 has been another "corona year" which brought its own specific challenges. Remote working has become part of most people's daily life. And we hope, by providing an online tool, we have contributed a little bit to making this easier. 

However, an online tool is not everything. One of our key values is providing a fast and thorough support. This is not only a line in our objectives. It's embedded in our daily organization, it's one of the roots of our quality management system, it's something we do our best for every single day.


When we talk about fast support, we mean that we try to answer to the majority of the tickets within a few hours. We take turns monitoring the support requests, we evaluate all incoming requests and assign them to the most suitable person within the team. 

But it's also something we don't only take credit for on our side. The close collaboration with our customers is key to improve both our product and our support.

The feedback we get, the suggestions we receive, the open discussions we all leads to an improvement of our product, our service and our support.


We realize that in these busy times, nobody really has time to give this kind of feedback, but still you, our customers, do.


For that, we want to thank all of you! 


When we look at the numbers, in the past year we received over 800 reviews in which we got a score of    4.9 / 5    on average for our support. This is something we truly appreciate and are proud of. 


Looking forward to 2022, our good intentions are to continue to provide this level of support and to improve our product and service further. 

We would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2022.

The Matrix Team

About the Author
Ann Vankrunkelsven
RA/QA Manager