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Discover Enhanced Power and Efficiency with Branching & Merging

In today's dynamic software development landscape, delivering top-notch SxMD products demands a streamlined approach that allows teams to work on multiple product releases, multiple versions, and feature ideas concurrently. This is precisely where the Branching & Merging feature steps in, empowering teams to manage their projects with unprecedented efficiency.

Branching & Merging: fueling productivity and innovation

At its core, Branching & Merging is a powerhouse module that enables teams to work on multiple projects in parallel by creating new items or modifying existing items in branches and merging them back into the mainline seamlessly.

Unveiling new heights of efficiency with enhanced functionality

We are excited to introduce several enhancements that elevate your experience and take your productivity to new heights with Branching & Merging. 

Push: expanding possibilities for streamlined collaboration

Now, you have the ability to create or modify items in the mainline and seamlessly push them into the branch, streamlining collaboration and fostering a cohesive development environment.

Enhanced user capabilities: empowering every project member

Productivity takes center stage as we extend the ability to merge not just to admin users, but to every team member on the project. Experience the collaborative strength of unified efforts.

Effortless adaptations: flexibility in pushing modified items

We recognize the need for adaptability. That's why we've made it possible to push modified items back into the branch, even if they were initially excluded. Managing changes has never been more intuitive.

Informed decision-making: averting risks with insightful warnings

Our commitment to your success extends to risk management. Now, with warning prompts, you'll be alerted to potential conflicts, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of risk controls before merging.

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