Can medical device software be updated and released in an Agile way ?

The traditional methods for product development in the Medical Devices field cannot keep up with all the challenges of modern, software-intensive medical devices needing to be developed and having much shorter release cycles within which to update software components. New agile software development practices allow to develop higher quality software quicker. The solution for a design control process producing the required documentation consists of a combination of several state of the art tools. However, only if these tools inter-operate seamlessly will they allow it to do so efficiently.

This webinar was realized in collaboration with Sunstone Pilot and brings together process and software experts to explain the best ways to use your software tools to enable rapid design iterations and therefore minimize the cost of product changes. The webinar illustrated this modern and flexible approach with examples using MatrixALM and Jira software applications.

About the Author
Arnaud Alberts
Head of Customer Success & Product