2.4.2 unveils new tools for efficiency and security

Our latest release helps companies stay ahead with features and enhancements designed to address real-world challenges and elevate your experience. Let’s dive into how these updates can bring value to your Software as/in a Medical Device (SxMD) company.

Download items in LiveQMS as PDF

Providing auditors with the necessary information from your Quality Management System (QMS) can be challenging without granting them direct access. Our new feature allows you to download items in PDF format, formatted and including your company’s logo. This ensures you can provide auditors with the required information without compromising the security of your QMS.

How it saves you time

Imagine you’re preparing for an audit, and the auditor requests multiple documents from your QMS. Instead of manually downloading each item, our bulk download feature lets you quickly gather all necessary documents in just a few clicks. This saves valuable time and ensures a smoother audit process.

Redlining using DOCX

Accurate document review is critical, but the current redlining tools in Matrix don’t yet have all the robust capabilities you’re used to from other dedicated document applications. Now, you can export your DOC or SIGN items and leverage DOCX’s accurate redlining features. This allows for precise document reviews, reducing the risk of errors.

How it helps you collaborate

Picture a team collaborating on a critical regulatory document. Using DOCX redlining, team members can make precise edits and track changes in a familiar environment like Microsoft Word. This ensures everyone is on the same page, leading to a more efficient and error-free review process.

Community Link added to Help Menu

Finding new ways to enhance productivity can be challenging without a network of peers. Now, you can directly access the SxMD Connect community from the Matrix help menu. Engage with other users, share insights, and discover new productivity tips.

How this helps you be more productive

Imagine you’re looking for best practices to optimize your use of Matrix. By joining the SxMD Connect community, you can learn from other users’ experiences, ask questions, and implement proven strategies to boost productivity.

More working space

Limited screen visibility and excessive scrolling hinder productivity. We’ve increased the working space by enhancing the density of the main working area, reducing font density, and making the navigation bar responsive.

How this helps you complete your work

A user working on a detailed task finds it cumbersome to scroll repeatedly due to limited screen space. With our enhancements, they now enjoy more visible content at once, reducing the need for scrolling and increasing efficiency.

Tokens no longer stored in plain text

Protecting sensitive data like access tokens is critical to prevent unauthorized access. Tokens are now obfuscated in the user’s UI Access Tokens window and only displayed upon creation for secure storage.

How this keeps you safe

A security-conscious administrator can now rest assured that sensitive token data is protected. The obfuscation ensures that even if someone gains access to the interface, the tokens remain secure, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Our latest release is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by SaMD and SiMD companies. From streamlining audit preparations to enhancing document review accuracy and community engagement, these features and enhancements are designed to make your work more efficient and secure. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with our innovative solutions and experience the value they bring to your operations.

To learn more about how Matrix Requirements empowers Software as/in a Medical Device (SxMD) companies contact us to request a demo with a product expert who can show you how Matrix Requirements can optimize efficiency and compliance for your business so you can get your Medical Device to market faster.

About the Author
Heather Laducer
Product Marketing Manager